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March, Scicli (RG)
Cavalcade of Saint Joseph

The festival or Saint Joseph is celebrated with a cavalcade around the town, which ends up with people cooking barbecues and eating in the streets


Easter Sunday, Scicli (RG)
Uomu Vivu Festival (Man Alive Festival)

A big procession of the statue of Christ along the streets of Scicli, it is a well-known and crowded festival


Easter Sunday, Modica (RG)
Madonna Vasa Vasa (Madonna Kiss Kiss)

A big procession where the statue of Christ and Madonna meet and kiss, crowded and cheerful


Third Sunday after Easter, Acate (RG)
San Vincenzo Contest

The festival of San Vincenzo has very old origins starting since 1722


May, Ragusa

Medieval festival with fire ceremony and procession


May, Donnalucata (RG)
Cuttle Fish Festival

Cuttle fish in all kinds of recipes in restaurants and open air markets


May, Scicli (RG)
Madonna of the Army Festival

The festival of the riding Madonna is considered the most important in Scicli. There is a performance which remembers the victory of Normans against Saracens in 1091


May, Sampieri (RG)
Tomato Festival


July, Comiso (RG)
San Biagio Festival

The big procession of the Saint and bonfires


July, Pozzallo (RG)
At the Court of Bernardo Cabrera

Medieval festival at the court of Bernardo Cabrera


December, Modica (RG)

A whole week of events connected with chocolate promoted by the town council of Modica with Consorzio di Tutela del Cioccolato



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